ray (rayslinky) wrote,

I GOT A LOGIC BOARD! for $41, even! (+15 shipping). im so excited!

today: rainy, beautiful:
woke up, had breakfast, smoked some cigarettes, went to williamsport, went to lycoming mall, computer time: pulled second nic from win98 machine, put in usb card, saw a bang in the device manager, looked for drivers, looked for drivers, started drinking, looked for drivers, looked for drivers, installed half driver, installed usb storage class driver (eh?), downloaded pix from my camera, tried to reconfigure internet connection sharing, lost all internet access, installed canon camera software, canon camera wouldnt connect, restarted, found nic driver, reinstalled, canon camera works (eh?), internet worked, installed internet gateway 7.0.2, restarted, internet didnt work, reconfigured internet gateway, restarted, internet works, installed ibm pc camera software, scared to restart... the joys of windows
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