ray (rayslinky) wrote,

the weekend: redux

i didn't wind up sleeping friday -- i went to help a coworker retrieve his dead car, which turned into an all day project. by the end of the day, i had been up 30+ hours and hooked work.

saturday, the party was bizarre. successful in numbers, but it lacked a certain sense of cohesion that our last one had. about 60 peeps showed up, throughout the night. most of the usual suspects, that i'm always happy to see, were in attendance: malakhi, teljanin, skeptic, and sola75. a whole bunch of sports lovin dudes were there to watch the red sox game -- party killer -- and, at the other end of the spectrum, a couple of drag queens. i met a few interesting new people: jesse, cosmetika, parallaxgl50, and ann and crew (i'm so bad with names).

a couple of other people had cloaks (including teljanin). mine sleighed (sic) -- even the sports boiz were impressed with my sewing machine prowess, haha. it kept me warm outside, but it was by no means "cold" out, so i'm gonna rip out my poly lining and put in a heavier coat lining. hat (parallaxgl50) also made his green lantern costume -- tres cool. i regulated on the music a few times between 2 and 3a, trying to keep the cops from showing up. prolly pissed a few people off. c'est la vie.

i feel hungover today, though i've got no reason to. my morning mostly consisted of lazing and light cleaning.
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