ray (rayslinky) wrote,

weekend / laundry

i did laundry this morning, its been 45 (!!!) days, and i counted 46 pairs of socks. haha.

i hung with double-a on saturday. we cooked up a storm -- guac, homemade pizza, and a strawberry pie. not to mention, got a little hammered.

on sunday, i got fabric to make a cloak (which i've wanted for years, and halloween is a good excuse). its a nice dark charcoal wool -- really warm. i sewed together 3 pieces of the wool to make a 7/8 circle with a radius of ~ 5 feet. i've sort of designed the hood -- i made a mock up out of an old t-shirt -- i think i like it, but i'm not sure how it will hang with the heavier wool. today, i'm going back to get some material to line it with. i also need to figure out how to line the hood - this may require a little hand stitching. *so excited!*

i was a complete domestic diva yesterday... while cutting and sewing, i also made some yummy stew. woo-ha.
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