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work: what? no didnt do much of that tonight... but i have been rather pissed that northeasterns networks sucks so badly... tonight isnt the first time that ive had to refresh pages multiple times to get them to load. a traceroute shows that i can take *seconds* (!!!) to get an in-house router before stalling... sad!

traceroute to yahoo.com (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 r-ri-1 ( 4 ms 1 ms 3 ms
2 ( 22 ms 56 ms 9 ms
3 ( 2532 ms 2753 ms 1497 ms

what is it with republicans wanting to make anything that may help the common man voluntary? ok, here are some guidelines that we're not going to enforce... its a waste of money that could be going somewhere else. recent examples:
voluntary polution 'controls' and ergonomic injuries
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