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*yawn* im tired and ready to go home already... my coworker was a couple of hours late and we had lots of comp problems... blah. AND to top it all off, alex stayed late and we got into a spirited political debate about, well, the usual. he is convinced that muslims are out to kill everyone and that its "our duty" to eradicate "that virus". he even found me some quote from the koran about killing someone that kills your cow. wtf? isnt the old testament filled with such gore? what makes that so different? arrgh! needless to say, i got frustrated and gave up.

but, now, im counting down. and hopefully will be outta here on the 5:16 train home. *provdided that nothing more cancels.*

i booked my tix for wed's trip to penn. i'm not sure when im coming back, but i know that i'll be there wed pm.
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