ray (rayslinky) wrote,

the weekend

friday was pretty non-stop for me. lots of errands. on my back into the city after doing my laundry, i saw the hov zipper unzipping the hov lane into the northbound side of the expressway for the evening southbound rush. that thing is cool.

we got to where we were going to camp around 10:30p, and it was dark and sprinkling on and off. it turned out that our car was much too low to get to most of the camping areas. after much ado, we wound up, much to my annoyance, sleeping in the car at the local volunteer fire station. in the morning, we found a state park near by and set up camp there. it wasn't as "nature extreme" as i was expecting, but it was much better than being in the car. we slept a bit more, properly now, in the tent and explored the area in the evening. we wound up hanging out around the campfire that eve. good food, some banter, and beer! =) damn, and it was cold! it got down to 45F at night. *glad i had my sleeping bag* sunday, i made breakfast while the boys took apart the tent. then we headed to portland to hang for the day. all in all, what i thought would be a wash turned into a pretty good weekend.

oh yeah, my cell fone didn't work for 40+ hours this weekend... no towers in the boonies.
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