ray (rayslinky) wrote,

t schedules

color me impressed. this monday, the t changed their late night headways from 13 to 15 minutes. since i no longer knew when the forest hills departure bell rang, i wound up waiting almost 15 minutes for the train the first night of the change. i fired off an email to "write to the top" and got a response that someone was "researching an answer." today, i got pdf's, with the following note:
    I have attached the summer schedule for the Orange Line. This is the scheduled arrival and departure times, providing that there are no service interruptions. I hope this can help you during your commute. I have suggested that this schedule be posted on the website and at stations. I hope that your frustrations and e-mail will generate a positive change at the MBTA.

wow, an actual, useful response! until they post this useful info online, i've put them up:
summer orange line northbound
summer orange line southbound
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