ray (rayslinky) wrote,

i got back from the family day a little while ago. it was pretty good. i got to see my cousin josh and his girlfriend this morning at my grandmas house. also appearing: my grams boyfriend, her brother and his wife, a couple of aunts and an uncle and more cousins, and karen g. -- the cool ass woman my dad dated after divorcing my mom. its funny that my grandma embraces my dads (her son) exes. it was great to see karen, and i'm going to try to stop by on my way to the airport tomorrow.

this evening, we went to my chill aunt and uncles house -- the only ones i really like. beer, good times, and lots of laughs. their son dakota is also a cool shit -- they've been very open with raising both josh and him and it shows. it was great to see them, and i'm sad that i dont more often.
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