ray (rayslinky) wrote,

my coworker is such a dill-hole! ive done some more thinking about it... hell, what else do i have to do here... =) and he reminds me of a cross between Nicole Sullivan's Antonia character on madTv and the Milton Waddams character in Office Space. n-e-way... right now the ibm repair guy is here and bob is standing at the printer with him, trying to tell the service guy how the printer works! dude! but, im glad the service guy is here cuz it means i can just sit back and watch him annoy someone other than me!

ok, enough of that... im still feeling a bit hung over from this morning... we had an oscar party at my house: imagine that, 3 gay guys having an oscar party! there was lots of beer, lots of snacks-thanks to roommate john, and a little magic-peace-herb. needless to say, it was a late night! i woke up with a headache this morning (noon) and thought it would be great to get something accomplished during the day...

i went to get my license at the rmv. it was doomed as all trips to the license office are. first, i had to wait in line for 15 minutes to get a number and be categorized a, b, c, or d - apparently the later in the alphabet the letter, the longer you'll be in hell. i was lucky to get a b with a printed "Estimated wait time: 17 minutes". ok, so im directed upstairs. i get there, fill out my form and notice that they are on b243, i'm b302. this electronic voice would announce "now serving, #, at window, #". it was so painful... my floor served b and c and c took forever. so, 45 minutes later, waiting in a room with someone with raunchy gas, my number is called... i get to the window and am told that the pieces of mail that i brought are not good enough to verify my residency... an insurance document, my change of address letter (from the usps-aka the government), and my paycheck stub. =( sad rayray, i ask to verify this and am sent away with a list of "acceptable" documents. maybe another day...

oh well, that was my un*eventful* day. and now its time for some yummy veggie-loaf.
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