ray (rayslinky) wrote,

more home automation...

my router pisses me off. it stops processing requests about once a week and sits there sucking electricity worthlessly. like tonight, im stuck here, unable to ssh into my boxen at home. so i've had a couple of back burner plans for a while: a) replace it with one built from one of my spare peecee's, but not until i find a cheap 802.11g card, since i dont want to give up wireless access from my powerbook. OR b) put a serially controlled relay (parapin seems a good fit) on its power supply, then i could ping it every few minutes and if i dont get a response, cycle the power. tonight, i see that x10 is giving away a free starter kit, that includes a pc interface and a "lamp" module. that would effectively accomplish b, without having to build anything. and there seems to be a good deal of oss available for x10 stuff, including wish. woo-ha!
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