ray (rayslinky) wrote,

happy graverobbing day or some other such witchcraft nonsense.

last night, juscool, mizofizo, malakhi, and i drank, bar-b-qued, and played a game of scrabble. later, matthewdh came over and we hung for a while. good chill evening.

this morning i made some yeasty waffles for breakfast before everyone dispersed to do their familial duties. i've been invited a couple of places, but was thinking about going for a walk in the park instead.

its amazing out - not sunny, but a warm 47F out. i've totally assimilated - i realized this yesterday morning when i was walking to the t with only a hoodie on - it was low 30's out. i started thinking about how a couple of years ago i didnt understand how everyone would be wearing short-sleeved t-shirts when the weather hit the mid-40's. now, i'm just in the spring mindset and fuck the actual temperature. so, yeah the windows are open and i'm loving it.
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