ray (rayslinky) wrote,

its 5 am, i came in to find that my boss left me a "project", yay, filing! just the way i wanna waste my evening... but get this, not only is it filing, its pointless filing! we have 2 cabinets that hold 1600 tapes each and each is designated with a letter, b and c. people here are stupid and sometimes file c tapes in the b cabinet and vise-versa. so, they decided to do away renumber the two cabinets as one continuous cabinet (b0001-3200 instead of b0001-1600 and c0001-1600). instead of just relabeling the tape vault and telling the computer to add 1600 find a tape that used to be in "vault c", they had it "rotate" the tapes... it meant pulling out about 1200 tapes and putting them back, in different locations in the same vault. eh? yeah! just call me volser filing fucking genius. it took 4 hours and i still have numbers on the brain, but its done.

now my coworker, who reminds me of a mad-tv character, wants me to listen and participate in something that i'll never ever have to do again. yay, more pointlessness. at least im getting paid for it. man, he just doesnt get that im not listening. i need a nap. cool, he got lost and needs to call the boss. ima go for a walk.
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