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long time, no see

its been a while since ive updates. i was in a bit of a funk after being ill. strangely, the snow earlier this week snapped me out of it. i normally welcome change, especially when its for the better, but i wasnt mentally prepared for the warm weather. as much as ive bellyached about needing a tropical vacation, other changes are higher priorities for me. the beauty of the snow and a small attitude adjustment have set me right.

i've got about a half dozen projects going right now. none of them terribly interesting, but keeping me busy.

i have an allergist appointment tomorrow - an appointment i made over 3 months ago! accordingly, i havent taken any antihistamines for the last week, and im much the worse for it - itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and mad headaches. but i'll get pricked a whole bunch of times and maybe they can tell me what the hell it is that im allergic to. i'll be more than happy to take a shot once a month if it means not feeling like this ever again.

a while back, i heard that bill a, a friend from my apple days had moved up this direction. i didnt know how to get in touch with him, so i let it drop. yesterday, i was pleasently surprised by an email from him. apparently, hes moving even closer for a job in beverly. bill's awesome - probably one of the nicest and most knowledgeable guys ive ever met. he and his wife just had their third (!!!) child. wow - time flies. it'll be great to see him again.

other than that, i've got nothing. i have errands this morning, and then i need to sleep early. *exciting life*
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