ray (rayslinky) wrote,

waiting for a backup to finish...

today i ventured out to braintree to pick up a usb pci card at compusa... its at the end of the red line and took about 40 minutes from downtown crossing (on top of the 10 minutes from jp to downtown). i went there because the card was $14.99 and shipping was 8.50 if i didnt want to wait 7-10 business days. so at the store, the same item is priced 19.89, wtf? well, there is a markup for retail space... fuckers! but, i still got it cheaper than having it shipped. and while i was in the gargantuan shopping plaza, i consumed pet supplies. i got another cardboard scratching box filled with catnip, lithium just loves to shred those things. when i got it home he was digging through my bag to get at it. and by the time i left he was happy kitty high laying upside down on it and drooling.

i installed the usb card and then installed os x on my 8600. after i rebooted i got a kernel panic: we are stopping here. damn unsupported configurations! so i earsed my eX drive and did a custom install. reboot, same thing. =( so, i did some searching tonight and its normal and easily fixable. yay! i cant wait to play tomorrow!
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