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i should have slept in today.

i went to the downtown sprint store and the salesman was evasive about replacing my phone, vaguely mentioning an "upgrade" program, but they saying that i'd have to buy a phone outright. after much talk, nothing happened. so, i decided to shop his answer around. next, i went to the store at copley - they were locking the door at 4:58. grrrrr. another customer outside mentioned that there was probably a store at cambridgeside. wanna know what the worst day to go to the mall is? well, its probably everyday, but valentines saturday was pretty harrowing. turns out that there is not, in fact, a store there. i checked the rat shack, but those people are clueless. so, i'm still without a phone - a connection to the world! the only good thing to come out of it was a tube pan from cambridge cooks. with which, i made an angel food cake this evening. yay.

tomorrow, i will make it happen--even if i have to visit every sprint in eastern mass!
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