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i've been slacking on the journal front lately -- been busy in life, but dont have much to show for it.

my phone died this week, and my contract is up today (saturday). i dropped by t-mobile on my way to work last night -- they have a nokia phone that i liked and a somewhat straight forward pricing mechanism. apparently my credit still sucks though, since they wanted a 500 deposit. *booh* i guess i'm stuck with sprint. i found a couple of fones that are ok, but none of them have everything that i'm looking for, and the nokia that they sell is horribly crippled - the j2me stuff was ripped out so they could install their "vision" crap. i really dont want a cell/camera fone, but it looks like thats my only option without paying out the ass for a pda fone. baah. i'll see tomorrow.

i've had some bizarre and some disturbing dreams lately, though i dont remember much about most of them. todays was about mutant attack pumpkins. one started growing in a locker without a door in the tunnels of school, and soon they were everywhere. flash to going home to a check on lith, freaking out at the possibility that he got out and was wondering around the world unprotected with pumpkins on the loose. i arrived at a one bedroom apartment, very eggshell, mostly "adult", to find him safe, chillin'. i woke up after that and then dozed for another hour before getting up today. bizarre.

this weekend is the "big reorg" - a once a year database reorganization. (as compared to the "mini reorgs" that get run once a semester.) i've already started it, a few hours earlier than last year. hopefully everything will be fine and my "on call" status for sunday will just make me 4 hours of overtime. especially since i'm not actually reachable by fone.

its a three day weekend. woo-ha!
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