ray (rayslinky) wrote,

sb party

lazy weekend. saturday i went food shopping with the housemates and then got drunk (frozen margaritas!) and had fried goodness. i figured out how to fry cheese sticks, made spicy french fries, and some lemon chicken.

sunday we had a superbowl party. double-a and karen showed up - good to see them both - i hadn't seen karen in a few months. my food contribution was guac and apple pork chops. mmm. karen doesn't usually eat pork or avacodos, and she was all over both of them. mo made a cheesecake - mmmm - and kristie made brownies - again, mmm. we chilled and watched the game. i missed a good part of it, but was there for those last 4 seconds. =)

i was in the kitchen while the apple commercial thats causing all the stir was on. i just heard "i fought the law (and the law won)" and its been stuck in my head since. i'm rather disappointed in apple for that (and their union with pepsi).

i saw janets boob. woo ha. the american taliban have been in a tizzy about it. wtf? are these the same people that would rather their children not see classic greek and roman art? give me a break - you cant shelter them forever, and just think about the consequences when they find that provocative unprotected world.
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