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groceries -> clusterfuck -> ever expanding project

after work this morning, i went shopping for groceries. my gypsie cab driver got in a fight with another driver while i was loading my groceries in his trunk. i dont really know or care what it was about, but they kept pointing at a man that easily weighed 500 pounds. on the way to my house, he almost hit several stationary objects, a bus, and a couple of pedestrians, all the while his glasses were hanging from his rearview mirror. gotta love boston drivers.

when i got home, i was going to put away everything but was overcome by our pantry. it was a clusterfuck and i was about to add to it. so instead, i decided to take out all the food and rearrange it. its funny how one project leads to another. over the course of three hours, i also took out boxes that were stored on the top shelf and took them to the basement, and then cleaned out underneath in the pantry cabinet. somehow i lost my "vision" about a liveable arrangement, but i put everything back and its a little neater than it was. meh.
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