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moving on up... to the burbs

im moving to a new community its so pretty! so, manicured...

i found a few stories on river pointe, mostly pr crap:
    River Pointe at Den Rock Park, which has a total of 174 units in six buildings, sits on top of a hill on the southwest side of Route 114, on the site of the former Holiday Inn. River Pointe, which is owned by Lincoln Properties, was recently completed and is already fully leased, according to Monique Roche, business manager.
and one interesting one:
Sky-high housing

i reserved a truck today and put in my notice at work to a somewhat !for once! quiet manager. im sorta in shock about the whole thing. im still bothered by not having a job, but thats just stupid american conditioning that ties emotional and physical well being to a job. we're so preoccupied with needing money, having money, and spending money. i want to go on a journey without monetary value... so, im just going to let it all unfold without stressing (too much).
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