November 8th, 2004


weekend, rambling

good weekend. though, i didn't really tackle my "to do" list.

saturday, went to manspray to celebrate mizofizo's birthday. he was sick and i was in a weird mood, but it turned into a good evening, as is bound to happen when you mix friends, drag queens, and super gay music. =)

sunday, i lazed around until the afternoon. then, ijustdrinkabox was kind enough to give wickedtough, pete, and myself a ride to the grocery store. they wondered target and super 88 while i did some grocery shopping at s+s. the line was horrendous -- at least 30 minutes long. i'll never go back on a sunday eve! when we all got back, i made some killer beef strokin'-off (stroganoff). it was amazingly easy -- previously, i thought that it was difficult to make, but it took me somewhere around an hour. i also made an apple pie for dessert. mmmm.

today, i'm cooking for this *short* work week -- i'm making stuffed pork chops with wild rice. thursday is veterans day, so i have off and i've taken friday off as well. woo-ha: 3-day work week!

my body is fighting itself

it's official: i feel absolutely horrible. i appear to have caught what everyone around me has had over the past few weeks. i thought i'd be fine once the drugs kicked in, but i'm dragging.