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"the republicans don't approve of my lifestyle, and I don't approve of theirs"

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
5:04a - we take your vaka, seriously
florida was fun. well, not florida, but the people i hung with. orlando seems to be one giant strip mall, where you can drive for miles from one parking lot to the next. way too hot and humid, too many u-turns and stop lights, not to mention the sprawl, for my taste. i enjoyed driving darryl's 5-speed jetta. now that its out of my system, i'll be content not to drive for months.

interesting travel facts? you can buy beer until 2a at the convenience store and hard liquor in walgreens. i didn't find out much about their gun laws.

when wickedtough and i got there, cheez0r and derek (a friend from west palm beach thats been visiting for 3 weeks =) picked us at the airport and we did a little drinking thursday evening, with jessika, darryl's girlfriend. derek's voice, intonation, and sarcastic humor, not to mention his general appearance remind me of norm macdonald, and though he didn't know who that was we assured him that it was a complement.

friday, derek, k, and i drove around exploring orlando. we spent a good deal of time around disney. we went to darryl's school for lunch and to exchange his and my wallets, which got mixed up in the morning. we wound up hanging for a few hours before darryl went back to school. friday night was food and more drinking. at some point we went cruising around.

saturday, we went tchotchke (apparently k's a trinket person =) shopping at flea world. k found quite a quarry of records and a sweet jesus shirt. while darryl met with a group for school, we went to a bookstore and back to flea world. later, we went got food and did some more drinking, followed by bowling. apparently i won, though i didn't know this until the next day. i also have a fuzzy recollection of leaving k a voicemail about being drunk and wanting to drive -- i need to hear this. the six of us crammed back into angies car and crusied to obt (orange blossom trail) to look at hookers. haha.

sunday, angie and jessika went to the beach and the rest of us lazed most of the day. i watched the d's play fable, took a nap, did more drinking.

today, i'm home. i hear horns and sirens again -- their absense was weird. and it felt good to sleep in my own bed. k's gonna post pics at some point, and i'll relay the url.

the end.

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10:33a - links
a heirarchy of suffering

mugshot -- 1/2 oz weed and a few xanax, are they for real?

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