August 5th, 2002



so i went out to prudential thinking that there would be somewhere in there to score an ethernet cable, nope. i should have gone to copley, but i got sidetracked with coffee and thinking i was going to pass out. mmm. theres only so much vicodin the system can handle before it feels like youve been stoned for 2 weeks straight and just need a day off. i wound up laying on the grass in copley square with a headache not knowing what was wrong. i realised that i didnt install a patch and i wanted nicotine. i headed home and got my fix.

later, i went to return a dvd and on my way back, i saw johnnybooze in jeannie johnson reading the paper. i turned the corner and was going to go home, but decided to go say high. i had a beer and we hung out for a bit. when we were leaving he wanted to come see my dirty apartment. so he dropped by and then he took off. im too lazy to clean, so my rationalisation is: well, last time, i cleaned it. and though the bathroom is disgusting, i keep waiting for my roommate to do something about it. since hes leaving this week, ima have to break down and do it. ick.

blah blah blah. its early, i think ima surf a bit more and watch me some david lynch.
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the weatherpeople suck

this morning they said it would be raining by noon and rain all afternoon. those bastards dont know, it was sunny and hot AND i sweated instead of sleeping. now im in fluorescent windowless hell and even if it does rain, i will have no idea.

in other news: <12 hours til ray has broadband!