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"the republicans don't approve of my lifestyle, and I don't approve of theirs"

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Saturday, August 3rd, 2002
2:18a - slack
*yawn* i just woke up a litle while ago... so much for the party. i had another crazy dream tho i dont really remember what it was about. i think it was kinda disturbing, so maybe thats for the best.

current mood: lazy

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northeastern is so worthless when it comes to "technology". i just got kicked off dialup and when i called back, entered my username/password, i get:
    CLI: Permission denied.

ok, having been through this before, i try to telnet (you can do this without signing in). i get what i expected:
    CLI: No buffer space available.

so, i try the 30 minute limit fone #, usually how i get in when the unlimited number has buffer space problems. same issue. bastards!

so, i waited like 30 minutes and...

t-minus 2 days, 20 hours til broadband! yay!

current mood: unimpressed

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3:12p - more sleep, more dreams
dude, more dream weirdness!

first, i was in a house that reminded me of my grandmas. i was asleep with ryan (maybe cuz its his b-day tomorrow) and austin was asleep in another bed in the room. i woke up because of a noise and when i looked over, there was some sort of animal in the room. i grabbed my glasses, but they were ryans and i couldnt see anything out of them. i traded them for mine and saw that it was a skunk with zebra stripes. i dont know what to do. i look over and see austins glasses on the gas heater, except they are these weird old-school fold up glasses. he wakes up and we get it into kitchen and close the door. there are dogs barking outside so it doesnt want to go anywhere. by this time, its more of a dog looking zebra and i throw water at it. it bites me on the hand and i freak cuz now im going to have rabbies. i wind up on the kitchen counter trying to squeeze blood out of my hand.

i woke up and immediately checked my hand.

later, i dreamed that i biked to annz house. the whole way is serene until the last 1/2 mile, where i have to ride through a strip mall and go into a tunnel with lots of traffic. no problem. when i get into her building, i open the wrong door and try to go in my with bike with muddy tires. someone slams the door before i can get in. so, i go next door and take my bike in and find sola.

thats about it on that one, not too exciting. just weird for me to actually remember a dream.

current mood: lethargic

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