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"the republicans don't approve of my lifestyle, and I don't approve of theirs"

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Monday, November 26th, 2001
7:16p - another day...
another day passes, i only pressed AUTO about 90 times today... how fucking depressing. after work, i went to apply at the irs and after waiting in this line for the "security" check for about 30 minz, this woman comes out and tells everyone that only night jobs are left - OK... and then i hear her say that they start people at like $11/hr and for this position, you have to have 120 hours of college or have worked in an accounting position for a year. so, i took off and hitched a ride with this other woman that didn't qualify. 120 hours of college to make $11/hr. wtf? is this what people go to college for? cuz, i dont see a point in it. the mcdonaldization of the workforce, coming to the local branch of government near you...

so, leo is at our apartment and anna is having a "talk". so, im hanging out and ima go to the movies in a bit with a coulpe of friends from work. im so excited, im not just going to rot on the couch 2nite.

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