ray (rayslinky) wrote,

the weekend

i had a 4 day weekend. =) friday, i drank at andrews. saturday, i hung with leo and double-a. sunday, i watched football (sort of) with l, mikey, and angel.

sunday even found me trying some seviche. it didnt taste or have the texture of shrimp, and was actually pretty good. whodathunkit? when i got home, i put my sourdough starter to use in the form of two boules. its only mildly sour and the crust came out too crunchy for my taste... after sitting overnight, the crust absorbed a little moisture and it was decent. i think im going to add some vinegar to the starter and try another loaf in a couple of days. monday, i made sourdough pancakes for breakfast (98#3 style @ 1p) - they were weird, but good with maple syrup. justin, mo, and i went on a shopping spree in the afternoon/evening. best buy, bed bath and beyond, target, and stop and shop. my wallet is a few c's lighter, but i scored some things that i've been needing/wanting. we had wendys that made me feel somewhat crappy. when we got home, andrew made some yummy pumpkin ravoli and i made a green bean stir fry with tomatoes to go along. yay eating. then i got another batch of chicken stock going. this one turned out much like my grandmas (maybe a little more bland). i decided to try to replicate her dumplings and am on the right track, but they too were bland. next time, ima mix some seasoning into them. yesterday found me not sleeping enough and not ready to go back to work.
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