ray (rayslinky) wrote,

more politics, more fodder for a dream?

from Select Smart: Presidential Candidate Selector

Your Results:
  1. Your ideal theoretical candidate.   (100%)
  2. Sharpton, Reverend Al - Democrat   (76%)
  3. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT - Democrat   (73%)
  4. Kucinich, Rep. Dennis, OH - Democrat   (72%)
  5. Clark, Retired General Wesley K., AR - Democrat   (72%)
  6. Moseley-Braun, Former Senator Carol, IL - Democrat   (66%)
  7. Edwards, Senator John, NC - Democrat   (65%)
  8. Gephardt, Rep. Dick, MO - Democrat   (60%)
  9. Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat   (59%)
  10. Lieberman, Senator Joe, CT - Democrat   (37%)
  11. Libertarian Candidate   (32%)
  12. Bush, President George W. - Republican   (15%)
  13. Phillips, Howard - Constitution   (13%)

i'm somewhat surprised that kucinich was after dean on my list - probably his past views on abortion. the idealistic side of me says that if there were less refuse in the race (lieberman, kerry, gephardt, clark), i'd easily vote for either sharpton or kucinich and definitely a sharpton/kucinich ticket. the realistic side of me says that a dean/clark ticket would be the best to take on shrub and his cronies. i still wonder who they're going to dig out to replace cheney - hes too old and has too many health problems to take up the reins in four years should shrub find himself still sleeping in the white house on 21 jan 2005. meh.
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