ray (rayslinky) wrote,

at work... bored again. im waiting for 3 jobs (running concurrently) to finish - they last about an hour. so, its time to surf and work on my crossword. =) this gig isn't too bad. its not challenging --- getting up to speed on when jobs run and dependencies has been tedious, to say the least. my coworker is pretty cool - hes about my moms age and has a one track mind. yesterday he slept for about half an hour, though i suspect that before i arrived he was taking much longer naps --- every morning at 600 his alarm goes off to wake him up. lol! we generally finish all the work by 400-500 and are left with 2-3 hours of slack time. why they needed me is a bit of a mystery, but im not complaining. im adjusting to nights, its kind of bizarre to walk to the t at 2230 and think im going to work in the dark. im tired by the time i get home in the morning and have been sleeping for a few hours. then i wake and find something to do for the day. later i take a couple hour nap in the evening before getting up for the night.

i really like living in the city. i met, perhaps saw is a better word, john (2nd roommate) for the first (only) time yesterday. so, not only do i live close to everything, i pretty much have the place to myself while im there. =)

my life is boring lately, but hey ill take that. dayv called me and left me a message telling me how depressed he is and begging me to call him. blah, not going to happen!

cbs ran an intersting story that i missed this evening but thought id pass along:
CBS story - see "Recipe For Trouble"
more info from the mother
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