ray (rayslinky) wrote,

might as well be walking on the sun

ack! its fucking bright in here. the uni is in the process of replacing old pcb containing ballasts with more energy efficient/non-pcb containing ones. in the process, they are also replacing all the fluorescent bulbs as well. as a result, it got significantly brighter than it already was. it's really unsettling and my eyes hurt after only a few minutes. after they were done, i turned off half of the lights and then removed half of the bulbs above my direct work area. its somewhat more tolerable, but still brighter than i'd like it. so, i did some research and found some lighting recommendations.

a normal office situation should be lit between 30 and 60 foot candles.

fc (foot candles) = total lumens / office area in square foot

fully lit, my office rates at 196 fc.
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