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val and adam woke me up around 10 this morning when they got home and i still havent really joined the waking world... i showered and we went to breakfast at the wonderful jewish deli around the corner from their place in washington square. mmmmmmmm giant french toast! after that, i hurried to jp to check out the *possible* new living situation. the neighborhood was pretty much as described on the webpage as a culmination of cultures, though im not entirely sure how overly safe it has become... the house/apartment is decent, with 3 bedrooms, a cat room, 1 bathroom and a decent kitchen. the one roommate that was there, chris, a 26 year old editor for opera bills, was friendly, though im not sure what impression i made in my half awake state. he said that he'd talk to the other roommate, john, this afternoon and call me this evening or tomorrow. the only point that i am questionable about is the rent... the ad said it was 530/month but today chris said 630 + utilities... so, im not sure what the story is, but i emailed laura, the girl i would be subletting from and hopefully she will clear up the descrepency. i hope that all is well and i get a call soon, im itching to get outta here and would be reassured if i didnt have to runaround this week looking for a place. val and adam invited me to "soul revival" tonight, but after my commute back to lawless-lawtown im dont think that i want to go back to the city. ima make it a quiet evening of my current book and more sleep!
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