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Editorial Humor sadly, its about to die

i had a pretty uneventful day at work, the boss left at 11 and i surfed all afternoon. i decided that if i keep this job i will go out of my way to show that i am above "operating" and must be promoted promptly. the "pimple" institute emailed me about a follow-up in-person interview (approx. 2 hours!!!) next week-prolly friday pm.

the jist of the email:
    We would like you to come in and meet the systems team:
    1. Computer Systems and Operations Manager
    2. Systems Team Leader
    3. four (4) Desktop Support Specialists who i would be the team leader for

a 2 hour interview!!! i think my longest interview lasted about 30-minutes. what am i going to do? i have all these willies about being interviewed for a position as a "leader"...i have problems mananging myself! but, hey! its worth trying to sell my "laid back" approach to management. i think ima flake on work next friday to mentally prepare myself.

friday (since now, technically, its saturday) was val's birthday and i hooked up with her and adam this evening and we were going to go to life...but, plans changed and ima make an early night of it, sleeping in the fine city of Brookline! not lawlesslawrence!

today is day 16 without a cigarette, though as i sit here typing, i am drinking a beer and craving one like i havent in the past 2+ weeks. however, none are available and i have no choice but to not pollute my lungs, skin, and environment around me.

tomorrow afternoon ima go see a place in jamaica plain. the girl that is subletting the place leaves tomorrow, so, with any luck, i could have a place, near the T, to sleep sunday night and not have a 4-hour combined commute. im so excited by that possibility! aaaaaaaah! =)

time 4 sleepies with happy dreams of living in the city with other gay men!
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