ray (rayslinky) wrote,

cell stuff

my contract isn't up for another 2 months, but i really want to replace my huge, pda with something smaller, preferably more durable. i had to reset it again the other day when it freaked out and haven't rebooted into 9 to resync it since, so i have no-ones number or any real functionality. on top of that, something weird happened with the microphone and now i have to use a headset to make calls. booh for convenience, yay for no head cancer. from searching, i like some of what the nokia 3300 offers, but have read some negative reviews about pc connectivity and software availablilty. the nokia 3650 runs simian 60 which offers a much better software selection, but i would rather have an mp3 player phone than a camera phone. all of that is probably moot because i doubt that at+t or t-mobile would approve me without a huge deposit. so, if im stuck with sprint, i like the toshiba 2032 - smaller than my current setup and a fast enough processor to play mp3's. the negative is that it runs pocket windoze or whatever its called and it doesnt have a removable battery. who designs this crap? none of these phones really has everything i want while still being geek friendly/hackable and affordable. blah. i need to look more into whats available as far as the java enabled phones - if sprint even has any - i cant recall after browsing everyones site. really, i hate sprint, cdma is the past - i would really like to put my purchasing power behind a gsm product/company. stupid legacy technology, stupid credit.
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