ray (rayslinky) wrote,

random thoughts...

yay! 1 more day of asking "do you have a cvs card?"! one more day of being brain dead around people with way too much money and not enough common sense! one more day of wearing clothes that i don't like! one more day! tommorrow (that dreaded day) i have off and friday is my last day of hell! (i'm calling out saturday). today, at work, i put together a valentines day "survival" kit which consisted of a bottle of sleeping pills and a box of razors. not many people appreciated my dark humor - go figure! =)

today i've emailed lots of people about apartments and hopefully ill be able to go looking this weekend! monday i start my new job at northeastern... yay! im sort of bummed that i havent heard back from my mit interview, but oh well!

final thought: 1 week of being smoke free. good ray.
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