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"No Smoking on the T" unless you're the train...

so i get on the train this evening in the big brain and i wait for it to leave. its mid-to-upper 30's out and i'm enjoying the heat. after a couple of minutes, it starts to smell like something is on fire--i figured it was just the heating system being on for the first time that year. another minute goes by, the heat audibly clicks off and a loud beeping starts in the drivers cab (i was in the first car). the bell rings and the driver comes up. when he gets to the cab, he calls the door guard up and tells her that theres a fire alarm and that the car smells like smoke. they call an official and in the meantime go out the front and check under the train. (??? in case they ran over something on fire?) someone radios back and asks "how bad is it?" the driver responds that its not too bad and they are told to go ahead.

*that was my favourite part* the control center actually responds "how bad is it?" like its an everyday occurrence for one of their trains to be on fire. on second thought, it probably is...

another minute passes while they figure out how to silence the (still annunciating) alarm. so we take off about 5 minutes after the go bell had rung. two stops later and the first car is kind of smoky again and we seem to be moving slower than normal. at wollaston, an official gets on and stands with the driver door open to the cabin looking at the drivers lcd, so i hear the exchange. he tells the driver that alarm is still going off, a breaker is tripped, and it looks like two of the motors in the front car set are out. (did i mention that the car smells of smoke?) the heat was also out and it was getting chilly in the car. another two stops, a total of 8.8 miles, and about 20 minutes later they decide to kick everyone off at jfk/umass and take the train out of service. they also announced that an inbound train from ashmont would be at the other platform in under a minute. so, everyone hustles up, over, and back down, and the rest of the ride downtown was uneventful.

file this in the "had this been an actual emergency, you may be dead" file. yeah, that may be a little dramatic, but damn these people are incompetent.
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