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its been forever since ive posted, but now that im banished from the apartment for a couple of hours i thought id catch everyone thats curious up on my dull life...

ive spent the past 3 or i dont quite know how many days on the couch sick with the flu - a particularly nasty strain that made me dizzy when i got up or tried to walk to the kitchen or bathroom. i feel somewhat better today, though still a bit weak/exhausted. so much for my 4 day weekend!

wednesday, my last non sick day, i talked to dayv a little bit about our solely physical relationship - ooh, words, watch out! he was a bit bewildered apparently thinking we had a well rounded relationship. im not quite sure how he might think that since we barely know anything (short of physically pleasure) about the other. so, he's been wanting to come over and talk and i havent had the energy or the mind to say yes. i started the conversation oh so long ago to point out the obvious and ask him where he wanted to take it, (nowhere) since i will probably be moving in a matter of weeks (not soon enough). hes already called a couple of times today but i turned off my fone to avoid it one more day.

my roommate has been an absolute nightmare to deal with. shes mad. and by mad i mean the "Marked by extreme excitement, confusion, or agitation" definition, replacing OR with AND. its a 'wonderful' roller coaster ride living with her. last night was worrying, crying, and anger. today was anger, depression, and isolation. FUN FUN FUN! several times over the past few days shes displayed a random emotion towards me, from empathy to anger to doubting that i'm even sick at all. this week ive been reminded that this property will be sold and we will both have to move only 3 or 4 times. not bad compared to the past month.

speaking of moving: i was going to go into the city this weekend and look for a place, but being immobile sort of put a damper on that. im going to email a few people and see if n-e-one of them will be willing to show tomorrow or tomorrow evening. im sort of hesistant to look because i dont know what is going to happen for a job. i had a phone interview on friday for some sort of management type job. im not quite sure what it involved because i wasnt all mentally there, but its with an mit research group and it sounds like a pretty cool place to work. if i get that job, i will be looking for my own apartment, being wary of roommates. but if i dont i will be starting at northeastern next monday and will need a place in the city within that week, not wanting to commute for a job that starts at 8 am while im training. arrrggghhh!!! so much stress! though, im excited about not working at cvs n-e-more and living by myself or with people that i dont know or care about.

blah blah blah...
on another front: i am horrified to see previews for "collateral damage" - what a great way to get people to accept that:
1. "nothing is more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose", people may read bin Laden, but i read Shrub, Cheney, Lay, and all those other old white men.
2. wars are fought for humanitarian reasons, not economic ones.
3. "collateral damage" is schwarzeneggers characters wife and child and the people of 911, but not the thousands of people that he will in turn kill or any of the *millions* of innocent people our government has directly or inderctly killed.

good links:
American Journalism: A Class Act
Molly Ivins: 'Totally coincidentally'
Bush's Sickening Super Bowl Propaganda

and for those younger viewers:
BadAd 2002
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