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no good deed...

...goes unpunished

a little while ago, on my way home, an older, confused woman asked me where to catch the 48 (the most worthless bus in boston - it does a 2 mile loop). she didn't look so well, so i helped her up the street to the bus stop and got her to sit on a low retaining wall while she waited. we chatted a little and i accidentally dropped my bag. i flagged down the bus a couple of minutes later and went home. when i got here, i found the burrito bowl that i had picked up at the purple cactus slightly open, leaking beans into my bag. *ick*

on an up note, those of you who i have been promising packages can soon expect them. (well except my mom, but 3 in a day is enough! =) that in itself was a hassle, first i forgot something i wanted to include in ryans box and then after packaging it up, i was informed that usps branded boxes are not allowed for foreign mail. *well fuck me* so, the lady tried to sell me a huge plain box to put the little box in. i made my way to gadgets for a free paper bag and some tape instead. back at the post office, a line and some minutes later, i was good to go.
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