ray (rayslinky) wrote,

i watched a little of the red sox game tonight with wickedtough. she knows a lot about baseball and i was amused by the whole scene. she even brought out a radio to listen to the game cause she didnt like the announcer of faux. haha. i love my housemates! tonights game turned out to be more "all hat and no cattle" than "cowboy up," to continue the texasisms.

i'm somewhat at a loss when it comes to baseball, or most sports for that matter. i know general concept from my years of photographing sports in hs, but i just cant seem to get into them. when i got to work, weei was blaring the game, complete with horrible static and as soon as dan was out, i turned it off. i did pull up espn.com and gave updates to my other two coworkers. this is definitely my preferred way to experience it. seeing 'so-and-so "lined out"' and the score, none of the extra nonsense. when asked what lined out means, yeah only dan really follows any of this, i just make something up. =)
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