ray (rayslinky) wrote,

24h in en y cee

new york was cool. while one week is barely enough to whet my appetite, one day is a horrible tease. when we got there, an hour after waiting in the scorching sun and five hours on the bus, we dropped off our bags and went shopping, eating, and started drinking. =) after the sun went down, we washed off the sweat of the day and got all spiffied up to spend the night out. we went out with the intention of dancing but wound up bar-hopping instead. it started on christopher street and a few hours later ended deeper in the the west village.

we stayed at the y in east midtown, and i was pleasently surprised to find a cheap place to stay that wasnt a complete shit-hole, (unlike the last hostel i stayed in, in the village, with craigor.) it was a few too many blocks from the metro (halfway between grand central and 51st st.), but even that isnt an issue until its 90+ degrees outside and youre carrying copious amounts of luggage.

sunday we wondered through a 3rd ave. street fair on our way to the park. after a couple of hours in the park, we decided it would be best to try to make our way back to the bus before the crowd. we got there a little after 3 and by 3:30, there was a line around the block. *just in time* sadly, my faith in humanity was further derided when the bus arrived and the line turned into a free-for-all with everyone pushing and cutting to the front. we were seventh and eighth in line but didnt make the bus. after that, most people at the front went into enforcer mode and pitched quite a bitch whenever anyone inched forward. we got on the second bus a little after 4 and were home by 8:30.

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