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uprayte: a random selection of my week

i rode my bike to work last night and home this morning. its a whopping 5.6 mile round trip and reiterated how out of shape i am. it left me strangely energized, though. i doubt ill be able to ride tonight.

this hit one (or more) of the routers close to my cable modem last night and rendered my network virtually unreachable for 3 hours. stupid attackers.

yesterday, i saw a ted rall cartoon in the weekly dig. i tend to see them randomly and always enjoy them, as well as his writing. i looked for a rss feed for livejournal syndication, but didnt find one. so, i hacked my get fuzzy script to create the feed for tedrall_cartoon. the script is now more robust with a debug option and support for creating multiple feeds. woo-ha.

ive been quite the consumer whore lately. a small sampling of the new toys:
canon digital elph
cd alarm clock
coffee grinder

i only really needed the last item, since ours is broken and requires jamming a small sharp object between the lid and grinder to get it to operate. whatdoyado? =)

bobbys anniversary is tonight, so i said id work for him. ick, 5 days in a row! on the plus side, hes going to take my monday, so next week will be a 3 day week.

this weekend? tomorrow is leos birthday and double-a has yet to figure out where to take him. thats my only (non)plan.
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