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so, i went to a store meeting last night where i was told that i suck, well not me personally, but everyone in the photolab... what a fucking joke, we were given this document to sign, which apparently if not done by monday, "you will not be working here". um ok... i think ima alter it b4 signing.

    "Unforgivable'' Customer Service practices

    Keeping CVS customers satisfied is the key to our success. This gives us an edge in a very challenging business. We take this commitment very seriously - not to do so is 'unforgivable' at CVS.

    Every CVS Employee working in our stores affects customer satisfaction. The company expects each employee to make a positive contribution in helping CVS meet its' commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

    There are many aspects to good customer service. Our goal, therefore, is to execute certain practices to our standards every time! CVS Policy concerning these standards is as follows:

    Every transaction includes a greeting and a closing and is personalized whenever possible.
         - not to do so is 'unforgivable'

    - Greeting: ''Hi, do you have your Extracare Card?'' - allow customer to answer - ''And did you find everything you were looking for?''
    - Closing Generic; ''Thank You for shopping CVS.''
    - Closing Personalized: ''Thank You for shopping CVS Mc/Mrs./Ms. ''
    (Used for check, charge, photo and Pharmacy customers).

    Pharmacy Staff Members are required to call any existing customer whose prescription cannot be filled because the medication is out-of-stock.
         - not to do so is 'unforgivable'
    - Out-of-stock courtesy calls need to be placed when a new script or refill cannot be filled for an existing patient.
    - The Technician or Pharmacist assigned to the production area of the script filling process will be the individual responsible for contacting the customer.
    - The Technician or Pharmacist must determine how to acquire additional inventory (e.g. OV, next day warehouse delivery, etc.) to fill the customer's script.
    - A ''script ready'' (i.e. same day or next day) day and time needs to be provided to the customer when contacted about the outlof-stock.

    Only those trays and cases being worked to the shelf can be on the sales floor.
         - not to do so is 'unforgivable'

    - Stage all trays and cases in your backdoor; bring out a ''hand truck'' load at a time. (Stores with space restrictions, review options with DSM).

    I understand that as a team member of this CVS store, I will be held lœo/o accountable for maintaining compliance to the standards detailed above, and that failure to do so may result in disciplinary anion.

ha! 'unforgiveable'? whats really unforgiveable is that cvs sucks. fuck this... i called some recruiters this morning and a couple want my resume, so ima do that 2nite and hopefully get outta the hell that is retail. blah. i dont want to go to work this afternoon, and i especially dont want to work til 10. =( on the plus side, diana wont be there so it wont be super crazy. shes insane! yesterday she spent about 10 minutes explaining what is printed on the back of each print much to my annoyance. ive explained to her, on several occasions, that was a tech for 10 stores at one point, but she continues to give me the most basic of information. then she worked on correcting this one print for like 2 hours, not understanding why adding yellow wasnt taking away the overall magenta tone of the print, so i was like, have you tried green? no, thats silly! so she left for like 10 minutes and i printed one with a green and when she came back she was all happy about the print that came out... she turned it over and she was like "a green?" um yeah... stupid! *end rant*
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