ray (rayslinky) wrote,

this weekend was chill.

friday night, justin, matthew, and mike were hanging at the house and were going to go the a post-dyke march bbq, which was cancelled because of rain. so, we all wound up drinking and i was out early once i was drunk and my lack of sleep caught up with me.

saturday, i went to the pride parade with matthew and justin. i ran into cracker, my roommate from a year ago. i told him that i moved and in describing where i now live, it turns out that he lived in our very apartment a few years ago. even more bizarre is that he lived there with laura, who i subletted from when i lived with him and john. i now live in lauras old room in my new place. what a strange small world it is.

yesterday, i slacked - that is i had a restful sunday. =)

today, i caught a little sleep in between all the hammering and gutteral yells. i didnt know what was going on, except that everything in my house was rattling from some ruckus on the roof. it turns out that our management company is replacing the roof, however that happens and they expect to be there until wednesday or thursday. mike, my old roommate called today from ireland. my caller id showed "353162....." and i was confused. he gets back tomorrow and needs a ride from the airport. yay! it'll be good to see him, but im not looking forward to giving his car back.

tonight, and most mondays until the end of our 4-day work weeks, i'll be doing overtime. in between the fits and starts of work, i've been (slowly) installing a spamassassin/ssl enabled version of postfix on my freebsd box, anticipating my mac.com account expiring in a couple of months.

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