ray (rayslinky) wrote,

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just got home a little while ago and put some pork in the oven. (that sounds perverse)

i saw the matrix this evening. going in with no expectations, i was pleasantly surprised. keanu is definitely nice to look at. and the story was what it needed to be, though i need to see it again to fully get my head around the implications. yeah, ima nut. jacen and i saw the first one (i think) 8 times in the theater (no we didnt pay for most of them, but still!)

i just found several cron emails about my getfuzzy.pl script (for this) dieing. the changed the format of the image (from gif to jpg) and i hadn't accounted for that. its fixed until they changed the layout and i have to scrape for something else...

while i wait for my food, ima read the paper.
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