ray (rayslinky) wrote,

    Show me someone with a loathing for humanity and I'll show you someone in retail.

so im somewhat disgruntled about my new job: i repetitively perform a series of menial tasks.
  1. tell people that their film will be ready in 1 hour (or 3 hours).
  2. pull the tail out of film cartridges, tape them to a leader card, attach a twin check, and put them in the film processor.
  3. take film out of the film processor and put it on the rack to be printed.
  4. take film off the rack to be printed and insert it into the machine, press OK, press green hold, punch in the order number/press ORDER, press AUTO.
  5. get printed pictures off the machine and sleeve the negatives, flip through the pix looking for dust.
  6. price the prints and log the order.
  7. put the box of prints in the bin.
  8. answer stupid questions that i dont know the answer to. my common answer is "its behind the counter, one of the cashiers can help you." - yes, for everything!
  9. ring people up for their personal lubricants, tampons, and other personal things that id rather not think about.
  10. scan bags going to or coming from the outlab.
  11. tell people that i cannot make copies of their copyrighted photos.
  12. listed to people bitch. (this is andover afterall)

this is my day, in no particular order, each task performed from a few to several hundred times. i dont seem to have any free time unless i go smoke. so much for quitting... fucking depressing... i must find some other gainful employment.

the only saving grace of this job are the hot guys that i work with, granted there are only like 3, but most of the time at least i see one of them. so far, i know that at least one of the 3, the hottest, has a girlfriend. =( but, looking never hurt n-e-one. =) he has to know that something is up, i seem to daydream about him a lot - it makes my day bearable. today we were in the basement together and i had the desire to throw him against the wall and have my way with him. hmmm... must control urges.

not much else is up, ive been working a lot, being poor. monday im going to apply at the irs. who'd have thought that id ever want to work for the irs? bizarro! but, if they pay me more (or the same) i can do other menial tasks that dont involve me interacting with losers all day in a retail environment.
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