ray (rayslinky) wrote,

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im in hold hell

waiting to see if annas delta flight this morning is still coming... last night i went to the airport for her 1019 flight and at 1015 people started exiting the gate she was supposed to be arriving at. so, i think cool! its early . but she's not there, so i thought maybe i missed her, so i go downstairs and check the baggage area. nope, have her paged, nope. i go check a status board at like 1030 only to find that the flight is now scheduled for 1155. so, i roam around and read for the next hour and a few minutes. at 1145 another flight arrives at the same gate. with the monitor saying that it was still her flight, i asked one of the guys getting off if this flight was from dallas... nope, this is from atlanta. ok... is her flight ever coming? i ask one of the delta people who proceeds to tell me that he thinks that flight was cancelled. he checks and sure enough, not tonight. BUT, BUT, BUT, i'm left pointing at the screen that is still flashing "NOW 11:55". so, i bitched - surprise. blah! time to go home... so this morning im calling to see if this flight is going and/or going to be on time... (and im still holding) ooh - live person - and it is leaving shortly... whatever the hell that means.
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