ray (rayslinky) wrote,


2 huge protests this weekend and not a peep to be found on "news tv". surprise? not really, both protests question economic and military (read economic enforcers) policies... i'm mostly disappointed because i turned on news world international and didn't find even a mention of it. sure, i'd expect that out of cnn, fox, cnbc, and msnbc, but out of the cbc? although i have seen them be biased, its never been to the extent that american media is. hmmm... wait, they are still a part of the capitalist system that the protests this weekend are questioning. i did see brief mention of the ottawa protest on fox yesterday, but it was typical no-violence-yet coverage with no mention of the protestors arguments while several minutes were spent proselytizing the g20 "goals" (read rhetoric).

meanwhile ive seen NOTHING about the WHISC protests in Fort Benning, GA. gee, terrorist training camps on americas soil? NO! couldnt be! we're fighting a war against "terrorism" we dont support it! the WHISC people must be training dictators in "counter-terrorism" and while it is still terrorism, its allright, because its used to protect our economic interests in latin america!

more coverage at:
WHISC terror camp protests
Ottawa G20 protests

other news:
World Service will not call US attacks terrorism
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