ray (rayslinky) wrote,


last night i had bizarre dreams... first, i dreamed that there was a social revolution, overthrowing our current unjust system of capitalism and pseudo-capitalism (read china/cuba "communism") all over the world. not too much in depth on that one other than a feeling of freedom and a feeling that the worlds priorities had shifted overnight. i was in a foreign land that was poverty stricken, but knew that the revolution had taken place worldwide. i awoke happy and somewhat confused. =)

later, i dreamed that i was beginning to date someone important in world politics, but i dont remember who it was. i think this may have been a continuation of my previous dream, but im not sure about that either...details are sketchy! but i digress. during this dream, he was protecting someone whose life was in danger by a guerilla arm of the same system that he worked within. the guy who was being protected was locked in a room no bigger than 4'x8' with a really bizarre door, it was woven of many metal pieces to protect him. i was in a hallway outside of this door when shit started to go wrong. the guy i was dating, stepped in to visit the guy he was protecting and suddenly, someone dropped out of the ceiling in the safe room and killed the protected. the guy i was dating ran for a gun and was shot in the process. one of guards outside of the room shot the killer as he was exiting with 2 guns in hand, still alive, still shooting. he was aiming one of them at me so i grabbed both of his arms and pointed the guns at the ceiling while he fired them. someone else came around the corner and yelled something at me as he fired in my direction and suddenly, im awake...
wtf? could it be the invitation to go to a firing range today that led to this dream?
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