ray (rayslinky) wrote,

the geek addendum

i dropped my dvd remote last week and killed it. i spent the greater part of last week looking for a replacement. after about a half dozen remotes, i was ready to give up. i googled sharp dv740 or sampo dve611 remote and came up with this group which had codes for a sampo 611. i also still had a radio shack universal remote. after some soldering, my remote now has a s-video/adb/ps2 port. then came the windoze wrangling. eventually, i uploaded the codes i found to the remote and it worked beautifully. wooha, i can operate the dvd player (and everything else) with my lazy ass firmly planted on the couch.

today, my second firmware chip for my dvd player (don't want to toast the original) should get here and the player should soon have a hard drive.
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