ray (rayslinky) wrote,

roommate and allergy inanity

i got an email from my roommate yesterday... he applied for a job as a cook at a crunchy retreat in upstate new york. looks like he got the job and hes quitting the 9-5 gig. he leaves in about a month. not sure whats going to happen with the living situation-our lease is through the end of may, so i think hes looking for someone for a month and a half.

i got to work tonight with a massive allergy headache - i forgot to take pills earlier in the day. i feel much better now.

i found out about my health insurances mail-in prescription program the other day and got a prescription for my allergy pills from my doctor. the price difference is absurd:
1-month supply at the pharmacy: $30
3-month supply via mail-in service: $15
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