ray (rayslinky) wrote,

i awoke this morning to lithium (my cat) clawing my butt, from a dream where anna got laid off and she was making more from unemployment than she made working. UM OKAY, COOL! she took off for work and returned shortly. she took the day off cuz she wasnt feeling well.

i called cvs and i got the job - i start next monday - hoo-fucking-ray. after i got off the fone i was lambasted about the enthusiasm i showed toward my new job. *gee, im sorry*. im so damn excited to have to dress like a monkey to push fucking buttons for less than im worth, again. but, its a job and one step closer to living in my own space. so, i had to get out of the apartment, realizing that i was reflecting her mood.

so, i spent a couple of hours in the business center, writing to my congressmen. that made me feel better and im also updating my cover letter for harvard. 2 positive steps! i dont feel so powerless about the direction of our government. though, i wonder if my letters will get me on some radical-left watch list... this could make life more interesting! right?
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