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yesterday was the typical non-day. i slept until 930p and laid around for another hour. the only thing that got me out of bed was the lack of beer in the house and this states puritanical laws regarding liquor purchases. the rest of the short day was spent geeking. todays been pretty much the same. it was/is nasty outside, that whole rain->snow->rain phenomenon that makes the world look and feel like an icee machine exploded.

i found turbotax for mac and quicken 2003 today. i did my taxes - between federal and state, i'm getting back a little over 400. yeah!

the rest of the day was pretty geek factor with new toys. i picked up the visor for $40 and got the link through handspring for $20. the integration is pretty amazing. the sound quality is about what it was on my old phone, but being able to surf on a bigger screen pretty much rocks. i also changed my plan and now have unlimited nights/weekends, convienently the time im awake.

*babble* i think its time for some beer and tv.
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