ray (rayslinky) wrote,

i've been getting an error in eudora when sending mail ("TCP/IP Error. -3162; The server is not responding"). so, i did some research and this eudora document seems to cover it. the curious thing is that i only get it from eudora on os 9, not os x. i ran through a telnet connection to the mail server, said helo, sent a blank email, and said quit AND sure enough, it replied 221 (after a 2 second pause). this is so a eudora issue and they're pushing it off on at+t. bogus!

we've been having printer problems at work and i fixed a couple of them. one was printing too low and the other kept getting "skew errors" - basically the paper is shifting a little to far over for the printers comfort causing an error that had to be cleared only to happen again after a few pages. for the first, i adjusted the registration. and for the second, i moved the sensor out further so it wouldn't balk. whee!

im a dork, i know it. but hey, this is what i did with my night.
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